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Painting can be a pain if you try and do it yourself. Get a professional to do it.


If you’re like me, you’ve always got a few domestic painting jobs on your agenda – the weatherboards need a touch-up, the bathroom paint’s looking a bit tired, or your partner says the kitchen needs a quick update.


And, like me, you’re probably telling yourself that all you need do is buy a can of paint, a few brushes and knock the job off over the weekend, right?


But the reality isn’t that easy.


The problem is the hours of preparation you’ll need to do before you even sweep a brush across a wall. And, no matter how you slice it, painting preparation is an excruciating process that never fails to leave you thinking of the valuable time you’re wasting when you could have got an expert to do it for you.


Here are 5 reasons why residential painters take the hassle out of the painting process:


  1. They’re experienced. Professional residential painters have years of experience behind them. When they quote for your job, they’ll be able to help choose the right paint and materials for your needs. They’ll know exactly how much preparation is needed, including whether you’ll have to replace boards, fill gaps, sand and clean surfaces – all the most tedious parts of your project! And they’ll be able to tell you exactly how long the job will take before they start.
  2. You’ll save money. Underestimating your DIY project can quickly lead to budget blowouts, especially if you have to redo a wall that wasn’t properly prepped. A professional painter knows all the steps needed to complete your job, how much paint and materials you’ll need and can probably source them at wholesale prices, too.
  3. You’ll save time. Do you really have the time to spend days or weeks prepping and painting? Professional residential painters have mastered the techniques and also have the muscle memory stamina to complete your job efficiently and in record time. They’re keen to get it done and get on to the next job. They’re also more likely to strive for perfection than you are – after weeks painting weatherboards your quality control can dip considerably.
  4. There will be less mess. The hardest job can be cleaning up your brushes at the end of the day – often in the dark when your arms and back are sore! Domestic painting always takes longer than you think! A professional painter will start by making sure your floors are protected and will remove handles and fixtures so that the finished room looks stunning and has clean lines. Oh, and the mess is their worry, not yours. Sweet!
  5. Your safety is assured. Professional residential painters have the correct ladders, masks, tools and drop sheets to complete the job safely. They know the safety rules and are experienced with the chemicals and treatments they use. Why put yourself in danger climbing that ladder and putting yourself in a world of pain?


By using professional residential painters for your domestic painting job, you’ll be able to step back and admire your painted walls without noticing all the mistakes of a DIY and with far less pain in your back (or your back pocket)!